Could I get the McTofu meal?

Have you ever run across this person? The person who is apparently at McDonalds for the first time or thinks that Dunkin’ Donuts is a sit down brunch? I get behind these people all the time. This morning I think the guy in front of me was messing with the employees and he was definitely messing with me. You know how Dunkin’ Donuts has all the doughnuts sitting in front of you for the choosing? This guy was, I think, purposefully choosing donuts that they didn’t have and I don’t think they even made them. The girl would smile politely and say, “No sir…we don’t have that flavor today”. Seriously he did this 4 times. “ have any of those, ummm doughnuts without the holes? The ones made with coconut flour?” I really love the McDonalds visitors that stare at the menu above the counter like it’s a brand new experience. “Ooooh, hey honey…look, they have Big Macs at this one!” There really needs to be lines for different types of people. I’m not sure how you would get the really dumb people into the right line, but maybe a sign that says, “Do not enter this line. It is off limits!!” They would flock to that one. You know why.