Dear old golden rule days…

Well the first day of school has gone better than we hoped. Apparently when you become a high school administrator (paper shuffler) your skills get a little better. They basically had no record of Sara at her school this morning, but they made some calls, printed some forms, faxed some stuff and she became a student. If they could just do those things and get her to turn in her homework this year we are golden. After months of traveling abroad and encountering travel related troubles, we have pretty much shrugged off encounters like this and we even have kind of a laissez faire attitude toward bureaucracy and paper shuffling. Maybe this is where the French get it from? Sam, I could tell, was a little bit skeptical about going to school today. He wasn’t very talkative or excited, he went Larry on us and became reserved, nonchalant, and went into observer mode. If we can just get them home after the first day we will call it a success and check the entire year off the list of “things to figure out”


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  1. Aawwwwwwww
    gove my brave buddy a hug from his Auntie.