I’ll find more stuff…really.

Not much to report from Land of the Lakes….let’s cobble something together for you to read.

The Mike Locander of “many comments in this blog” fame has a letter to the editor that was published and worth reading. When he isn’t a blog comedian he has some good points.  (Click here)

We had some kid from Estonia hit us up for some door to door educational book sales deal. I didn’t think twice about it until I saw our neighbor was visited by the same guy. He seemed harmless, but apparently in the course of his sales pitch for educational supplies he mentioned to her that basically “Americans are stupid”. As soon as he left her house our neighborhood got drenched. Take the worst pounding rain you’ve ever seen and imagine that poor kid walking to the next house. Always be closing kid, always be closing.

The plastic snake in my garage scared the crap out of me the other day…especially when I realized it wasn’t plastic. I hate snakes.

Have you ever taken apart something and not be able to put it back together again? Put bike gears and brakes on the list. I’m sure I’ll eventually figure it out, but I’ve done this many times with many different things. At some point I’m going to realize that I don’t know everything and wise up.

I wish Southwest would send me free drink coupons for a local bar rather than their flights. Drinking on an airplane is just odd to me. The bathroom is always crowded, you are basically sitting there alone and trapped. I think this is one of the signs you might be an alcoholic actually. Maybe a coupon for a sandwich, or a coupon to cut the line to get on the plane. Note to self…call Southwest.


  1. I really like the title of "Blog Comedian" and I think I might add it to my resume with a brief description. I only wish that one of my favorite
    blogs " Home Roamers " was still actively blogging so I could contribute some more strange observations on life in the USA.

  2. I will forward this comment to the "Homeroamers" editor for her consideration. I have connections.

  3. Who the hell IS Mike Locander, anyway???!

  4. I am a friend of the family that went to school with Jon at WIU. I work part-time as a blog comedian commenting on subjects that I find amusing or interesting. Since I am not really that funny my part-time gig does not pay very well. Therefore I susbsidize my income by performing a lounge act at local watering holes in the Quad City area. I sing old show tunes and a little Sinatra and I take requests. My dream is to play 3rd base for the Chicago Cubs.

  5. Well there you go. I can attest to the fact that Quad City watering holes aren't paying him very well either.