Happy Birthday!

On August 29th the best thing I can write about is the person behind the man, behind the “WLL” blog. My Mom. It’s her birthday today. A while back she told me the best thing I could get her for whatever holiday it was, was write a letter to her. I’m not going to use this as a replacement for a letter, but I do want others to read some things I have to write about her.

I’m almost sure that without my mom, Larry might not be here with us today. She will tell you she wishes she had seen this, and done that, but I have no doubt that without her care and concern that things would be much worse than they are, or were. My mom has always been the caretaker of “this is what you should do” to the point that we all give her a hard time about nagging us about doctors, dentists, and everything else. The thing we sometimes miss is that she wants everyone to be the best that they can be and not to suffer or be hurt in any way. As an adult with two growing kids I have no idea how she managed all the things she managed while we were growing up. I had the childhood dream. I played baseball, soccer, went to Cub scouts, camped, hiked, boated, skied, mowed the lawn, slept in a tent in the backyard, had a pool, had a paper route, walked to school, made snowmen, rode my bike all over town, all because of my parents and very much because of my mom. They made sure I had such opportunities growing up to do so many things that I apparently decided to grow up and take my family on the adventure of a lifetime these last 6 months. So…if you get a chance, drop Wilma an e-mail or give her a phone call on her birthday. She is a special person to me and if you are reading this it’s likely that she is special to you also.



Love you Mom,