Give me a “B”!

Be prepared. I think this is the most boring post I’ve ever created.

A picture of two loaves of bread we baked last night. In defense of this post the bread is very good and easy to make. Ummm…that’s it though. Sorry. I’m just proud of the bread. Get over it.


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  1. Boring ?? This is perhaps the best update to your blog you have ever created. It inspires all kinds of questions and interesting variants to the original story. For example:
    Do you eat the bread plain or with some sort of spread ?
    Do you dip it in soup or chili ?
    Do you tear off pieces of the bread or carefully cut it like a surgeon doing an appendectomy ?
    What beverage goes best with the bread of the day?
    Can it be used for religous services followed with a wine chaser ?
    Can it be used as a door stop, football, or pillow in case of emergencies ?
    Has it been officially sanctioned by the Bread institute of Florida ?
    Did the dog like the taste of the bread ?
    Are you now considered as the "Wild Bread Man from Land O Lakes ?
    Thank you for inspiring us all to ask the important questions in regards to your meager baking skills.