There’s a party going on right here…

Is it lame to just blog about a good day yesterday?

Sam had his first swimming lesson and had a great time. I think he got lured in by the promise of a “free” T-shirt. Having a pool for all these years and not having Sam fully trained has made us nervous, so we finally got our act together.

Sara is at camp and we know she is having a good time. See if you can spot her here.

Sara camp 2009

We made homemade bread yesterday. When I say WE, I mean Sam and Jen. It was delicious and we plan to make more to combat the silly prices they charge for bread that isn’t even half as good.

The yard is 90% back in order.

We added some bike racks to our bikes. I probably need to attach the GPS to my bike huh?

I added to my television system via our Roku player allowing me to watch any Cardinal game, or any game for that matter. This thing is cheap and amazing. Check it out. (Click here) 

Sorry for a lame post this morning…just celebrating good times.

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