Getting there

It’s hard to get used to posting some info. when I don’t have the entire morning to do so. You people who check in every morning are bound to be disappointed in me. We are settling into life post-exchange / post-Europe and are REALLY trying to make some changes. I have ridden my bike to our local grocery store now a couple of times since it strikes me as ludicrous to drive the car there. We are using the pool more since we have a new found appreciation for it. We had the neighbors over for a nice visit and a few beers. So all in all we are starting to get back to normal. It’s a little hard to come up with my goofy observations in what seems almost a normal world again. We did do one silly thing…after living in Sweden for 3 months what is one of the first stores we visited here? IKEA. The bad part is they don’t serve beer in the U.S. version of IKEA. We need to get with the program.

More later today after I wake up.

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