Put the metal on the pedals

Patting myself on the back. I apparently opened a bicycle shop when I returned unbeknownst to me. There are approximately 5 complete bike and parts of like 3 others in my garage as we speak. I know you are counting and coming up with the same number of people in this family that I am, FOUR! The reason I even bring it up is because it allows me to write about my geniusness. Spell checker tells me that this isn’t a word, but I’m making it one. About a week ago Jen ordered a 1950’s ancient children's bike seat so that we could rig it on her bike. When I say “we”, apparently this means me. People…I took this bike seat apart, used a hacksaw, some hose clamps, about 8 zip ties and have fashioned a kick a$$ seat for Sam. This thing is solid as a rock and probably cost like $30 after shipping and parts. I’m sure some of you are looking at it and wondering what the safety rating is in this thing and I’m gonna give you an old school answer. If it was good enough for kids in the 50’s it’s good enough for me. I’m not sure my phone camera does it justice, but I’m painting the “Carroll Bike Shop” sign as we speak.

IMG_0023 IMG_0020

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