Happy Birthday Larry!

You would think that the blog titled “We Love Larry” would have had some sort of entry on his birthday (yesterday). Well there wasn’t and I have a good reason. I was spending my day here in Orion celebrating his birthday with him. I kinda snuck into town via St. Louis and surprised him at 9:00 p.m. Saturday night. They were both surprised, but I think it threw my dad for a loop a bit. It took him until Sunday morning to get used to the idea of me being around. I was thinking about it on the flight to St. Louis, but I hadn’t seen them in about 8 months. The funnier part and the more interesting stat is that I think this is the longest time I’ve ever had in my life not being able to see them. Is that weird? I think it’s great. Imagine being alive for 40’ish years and being able to see, visit, seek advice from two people you care for so much. Anyhow…Happy belated birthday to Larry. If I’m still plugging away at this next year I’ll make sure it gets in on 8/16.

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