Sell phone?

So the other day I decided that I was going to replace my cell phone since the recession has taken my company issued phone. How hard could it be right? Apparently the recession hasn’t impacted the cell phone providers because they pretty much didn’t care if I ever got a phone or not. Here’s how it went down.

“Welcome to T-mobile” – that was pretty much the end of the niceties. I had decided on a new T-Mobile phone after narrowing the choices to 3. They seemed happy enough to take my information and start the process, but when they hit a snag they pretty much gave up. Apparently some guy in Chicago typed in my social security number when applying for a phone. The guy said he would get on the phone and straighten it out. He went on and on and kept telling the other T-Mobile person on the other end…”No problem” “I understand”….blah. Well it was a problem for me. Come back in 5-7 days and we’ll have it figured out by then. No thanks, but I did take 5 of their free cookies on the way out.

“Welcome to Sprint – Give me your name and have a seat” – bad start. Eventually I got assigned to a guy who apparently was due his lunch break in 10 minutes. He talked with me for 10 minutes and basically said, “Hey Meghan, this guy is looking for a phone” and left for lunch. I was 2 minutes behind him when I discovered that the “rebate” on the phone you buy from Sprint takes 3-5 months to get back to you.

There was no fancy welcome at the AT & T store, just some goober behind the counter who I couldn’t get two words out of. I told him my troubles, told him I had an employee discount and would appreciate no more hurdles. He said no problem, asked me for my company ID and then handed it back telling me that it didn’t say that I worked for the company that the discount was with. My company is owned by a larger company and this precludes me from having a phone. I went back home, without a phone, placed an order online with AT & T and my phone arrived the next day. I think I spent more time chasing a phone than it took to get delivered.

Sorry for the long story, but it makes me feel better to talk to someone.

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