Sometimes no title is the best title…

Ahhhh yes, yet another post that may only be funny to me. It involves another one of those signs that you spot and look twice at. I’ve been driving by this sign for a week now and every time I smirk at what I think it says, even if I might know differently. Who knows? Maybe I’m reading it right and the local veterinarian is forming a wind instrument ensemble. I don’t even want to speculate on the belly dancing part. Overall I would have to say that whoever put this sign together needs some sort of help next time.


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  1. Hey, Jon - Oh, do I have some signs for you! Greetings from the land of "Caution Landslip" and Paradise Happy Noodle Shop...

    We're now settling in to our apartment in China, and figuring out how to view sites blocked by the government, including your blog, apparently. Actually having problems seeing any blogspot blog, including ours, as well as Facebook and Skype. (sigh)

    Could you do me a favor and send any Orion folks who are interested to our new blog address? It's - feel free to check it out.

    Hope all is well in the Land O Lakes (though I will always think Minnesota or butter when I read that place name, sorry)

    take care - Dave