Hooked on Fenix

Ok, I know I haven’t even gotten to the “We’re on the ground in Tampa” stories. Sorry. After my movie fiasco I had two hours to kill, so I actually wrote down some things I noticed. For the better part of the last two hours I watched the “Your journey” screen on the in flight television system. If you’re not familiar with this system it basically scrolls through a bunch of screens telling you how far you are from your destination, how fast you are going and gives you a picture of a little plane making its way to Tampa. I won’t get into it too much but here is what happens when you stare at this screen for almost 2 hours.

  • The math is wrong. Flying at the speed we were flying at and the miles it said we were from our destination, well it was just wrong. Trust me, I did the math about 50 times.
  • Why is the map in Spanish when the flight originated from London and is arriving in Tampa?
  • Is the Spanish word for Phoenix really Fenix?
  • Why would you put Godthab on any map? (Look it up – I had to)

There ya go…I have 5 more things written down but they will only make sense in my head now.

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  1. Concerned CitizenAugust 5, 2009 at 9:30 PM

    I believe in some sort of "time traveler" way you are borderline insane. For medicinal purposes you must return to Holland ... find the chicken ... and ride a bicycle while wearing wooden shoes during a full moon.

    Do not skip any steps in this procedure.