What was the last thing to go through the crash dummies mind?

Why is it that when people get in a car they are somehow transformed into an angry, hulking, unstoppable force? The same person who will get into a “No, you first…no really go ahead…I don’t mind” argument with you in the supermarket checkout line is the first person to cut your ass off at the stop sign in the parking lot. You can see people yelling at each other and sending hand gestures, but if the same two people came across each other on the sidewalk pushing baby strollers they would smile, say hello, give each other plenty of room and move on. Can you imagine this scenario? Two guys are at Wal-Mart when one of the guys suddenly turns in front of the other one and the carts bump…One guy says “Hey a$$hole..look where you’re going!” the other guys says “Screw you” and next thing you know fingers are in the air, groceries are flying across the aisle and the 94 year old Wal-MArt security guard is fishing for his bullet. Of course not! Although here in Florida it might be an opportunity to see whose gun is bigger. If this actually happened at Wal-Mart each guy would smile meekly, mutter an apology and slink off to electronics or meats so they could redeem their manhood. Seriously. Please remember. Being behind the wheel of a 3,000 pound vehicle does not  make you invincible, invisible, or some other “I” word. Smile and move on.



  1. Last thought going thru the crash dummies mind ?

    #1 ) I need a new job ?
    #2 ) Oh great ... I'm gonna miss the Cubs World
    Series Victory parade.
    #3 ) HeadBanger's Ball in 3... 2.... 1 .....
    #5 ) Good thing I am wearing shorts because I
    just filled em ......

  2. #6 - The windshield! - whuahahaha

  3. #7 ) His pelvis .....

    #8 ) I love the smell of broken glass, burning rubber and napalm early in the morning.