Baseball, apple pie, and Batavus…

I’m at one of those points again where I THINK I have nothing to write about, so I just start typing. Things seem a little mundane or I’ve already gone on about whatever is in my head too much. It’s been nice to relax as summer ends here in Florida and we are looking forward to the, usually, temperate fall and winter. I am enjoying the baseball season as the Cardinals have pretty much run away with the division and I’m trying to get Sam into baseball by way of talking him through a game or 10 on TV. He seems to get it, but like most kids, gets bored with it over time. I guess it takes years to appreciate a 3-2 fastball that freezes the hitter and gets an emphatic “Strike 3” from the umpire. We aren’t even close to talking about the squeeze play.

Since most of my posts haven’t had photos to accompany them I am attaching a picture of me and Sam watching a Cardinal game. It is pretty boring, but it has all the elements. Bag of chips, remote control, Cardinal attire, and proper reclination. It’s a new word. More soon….hopefully.


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  1. What could be better...Red Sox, maybe. Cute pic!