Do you want fries with that?

Realizing that I just published a dumb post about Chuck E. Cheese I thought I’d follow it up with a dumb post about pumping gas.

I guess I’m just impatient. I went to get gas the other day and it’s not like they make it very hard, you just pull up and put gas in your car really. I did, however, find myself getting mad at all the questions I was asked by the gas pump.

1. – Credit outside / Credit inside / Debit outside / Debit inside / Cash – If they had offered one more choice I would have had to get another person to help me.

2. – Pin #

3. – Zip code

4. – Do I want a car wash?

5. – What type of gas do you want?

6. – Do I want a receipt?

All of these questions keep me from having to go inside and do the same thing really, but for some reason it gets frustrating. I find myself talking to the gas pump. “I just want to get gas!” It never says anything back. Maybe that’s what I miss. I’m going to go in and pay next time and see if I am happier then.

See? Told ya. This is what happens when you have a place to write these things down.

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