Green eggs and ham edition

Here are some things / people that I am mad at and probably shouldn’t be. Some of them don’t know I’m mad at them, so don’t tell.

The March of Dimes – How sad is that? They just won’t stop calling me and as much as I might want to give them 2 nickels, they won’t let me get a word in edgewise.

The mean girls at Sam’s school – Jen will like this one. There are two women who pick their kid(s) up and drop their kid(s) off at the same time as Sam, but they never say hi even when you say hi to them. They are mean. I’m going to take a picture of them and post it here so you can see them.

I don’t like my home owners association. They said my mailbox is too dirty. Their letter said that I shouldn’t take this as a criticism, but really? What is it then?

I don’t like the guy who stops by my house every once in a while and greets me with a “Hello neighbor!” and the proceeds to try to sell me the last of the steaks in his truck. True story.

I don’t like my desk. It’s too cluttered and it is impossible to keep clean.

I don’t like tomatoes.

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