Since you asked…

Many of you have commented on the references I have been making to Tampa General Hospital and my spending time there. Sometimes I forget that people actually read this blog and that it isn’t just my own comedic diary of sorts.

My wife, Jen, has made some very courageous and serious decisions that involve her attacking cancer before it attacks her. Every doctor we have talked to has indicated that, while they can’t be 100%, every indicator says that she would have had to deal with some form of cancer in the future. I don’t want to go into a lot of details since they aren’t mine to give, but she is on the final leg of this battle and will be recovering and going on to a long life of taking care of “her own self”, our kids, and her family.

Thanks for your words of support and concern. She is doing fine and is, by far, one of the strongest and bravest women I have ever known. Today the blog can be “We Love Jen”