The Emperor is all around me

For those of you that don’t know, my home, Land O Lakes, FL, is the nudist capital of the world. I’m not sure how provable this is, but that’s what they say. The reason I mention this is that me and Jen have a running conversation when we think we spot these people. Contrary to what you might expect you don’t spot them because they are the only ones standing in line at the grocery store with all their produce out for everyone to see. We spot them, which is kind of funny, by their clothes. You see….nudists have the worst taste in clothes. Think about it. How good are you going to be at coordinating your outfit if A) You rarely wear clothes and B) You literally don’t like anything you try on? These people obviously don’t spend a lot of money on clothes and very rarely buy new ones, so what you get is a bunch of overly tan people in ill fitting, out of style, crappy clothes. How hard are they to spot now? The challenge is spotting them in Wal-Mart where that description applies to more than nudists. I think it would be hard to be a nudist. I would be watching where everyone sat when they came over and think twice before I sat in the same place and there’s never any change hidden behind the couch cushions. I heard the UPS guys talking one day about delivering packages to the nudist resorts and they said that after one day the interest wears pretty thin. The chances of being unpleasantly surprised greatly outweigh any possible benefits. I’m not sure they will appreciate it, but I’ll get some shots of possible nudists roaming the Land O Lakes streets.

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