Charles E. Ost – Part 2

I’ve had a good laugh or two at a web site that shows the advertising for certain foods and then the actual foods that they bought and prepared according to the instructions. I think they need to take this one step further. I saw an ad for Chuck E. Cheeses today and I laughed. It showed kids playing in a nice clean, non-crowded happy place and then the pizza was delivered by Chuck E. himself. I have never seen a pizza look like that at Chuck E. Cheeses, not that I spend a lot of time there. For those of you that aren’t customers of CEC, let me paint you a picture. Picture a giant warehouse of games and kids. Then picture 50% of the games being broken, the other 50% mobbed by 20 kids per machine and then notice the grime and dirt surrounding you. Don’t look down at the carpet and don’t even think of eating the pizza…unless you can resolve the differences in this picture.

real pizza ad pizza

Curiously I couldn’t get a good picture of advertised pizza at CEC. I know why after looking around a bit…they aren’t interested in advertising their pizza. That’s not what they are really selling. I’m too old to figure this out until I get most of the way through this post.

Here’s the web site for other, better, examples of truth in food advertising.

Food in real life

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