Larry update

I haven’t done one of these in a while, which in the scheme of things is probably good.

Today Larry and Wilma are heading off on a bus trip to St. Louis to catch two days of Cardinal – Cub baseball. He is a braver man than I am. I hate bus trips. Maybe I can convince someone to get some photos from this trip.

I think his health is roughly the same. He struggles at times with his breathing, but keeps chugging along. He has some follow up appointments coming up with his oncologist at the end of September, so the stress will ratchet up for a while. Visits like that only seem to be reminders of everything. I’m hoping to get them down to Florida during Fall and Winter when it is the nicest here, but we never seem to find an exact date. Anyone who reads this, and also talks to them, can ask them “Hey…when are you going to Florida?” Maybe they will get the hint.

More soon.

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