Nuh, nuh, nuh ,nuh, nuh, nuh, nuh, nuh…Bagman!

Sorry for the late start today….buried at work.

I wanted to get a quick post in to brag on my geniusness. Another word that spell checker doesn’t like. The other day I tackled the “I don’t have an easy way to transport stuff to and from, here, and there on my bike. I didn’t want to spend $100+ on some bags mostly because I’m cheap and didn’t think it was necessary. After an almost disastrous experiment with bungee cords and a plastic bin, I came upon a plan. I decided to use the bags the groceries come in. No…not the landfill fillin’, can’t get rid of, crappy grocery bags. The ones that they are now selling in most grocery stores to make them feel like they are helping the environment. Anyhow…it took me about an hour or so to make some box inserts for the bags and them attach them to my bike. The next time I’m in Publix I’m going to grab a manager and hit him up for some advertising money.

Take a look.



  1. I would like to know if the bags will hold:
    1 Case of Coor's Light, A Large Bag of Cheetos, and 1 Pound of Chicken Wings.

  2. You just want a picture of me conforming to your curiosity. I will entertain such a thing, but with substitutes.

  3. I case BUD light, one large bag of Tortilla Chips, and another case of BL. Let's try it!