Charlton? Is that you?

So the NRA called the other day. Seems they need my support. Unfortunately they don’t have a good marketing team. The call starts with a heavily southern accented person telling me that they have a personal message from the President, CEO, Grand Poobah of the NRA and to please hang on the line. I listened to the recorded “personal” message, chuckled, and was ready to hang up when “Bubba” came back on the line and asked me if I would answer a poll question. Since I’m a reasonable guy I said sure. Here is the question.

“Do you want 3rd world dictators and Hillary Clinton to take away your gun rights?”

I told this person that this seemed to be a quite loaded question and then he just repeated it. I asked him what 3rd world dictators I should specifically be concerned about and his answer was “Mexico”. I took just an extra few minutes before hanging up and let him know that A) Mexico is a country, not a dictator, and B) The President of Mexico is not a dictator, but is democratically elected. At this point I decided that arguing with a guy that is obviously concerned deeply about his guns isn’t such a good idea, plus he had my phone number.

Now I don’t care one way or another about guns. I was more interested in the fact that someone organized such a strange event and even worse, someone had to pay for it. Why don’t they just ship me a bunch of money and I’ll tell people that guns are ok, just be careful and don’t shoot anyone with them. Crazy.

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  1. questions ?

    where do the nudists in Land O Lakes
    carry their guns and extra ammo ? Is a holster frowned upon in the nudist world ? .... also
    where do they put their credit cards and wallet ??