Beach combing

Well we are getting more and more settled which means we usually venture out and get in trouble. Sara, our self described translator, pretty much declines to interrupt the Swedish folk to try her Swedish. So far I’m glad I didn’t spend $50,000 to send her to United Nations Swedish sleepover camp. We went out looking for a small beach location that was on one of the maps left here by the home owners. As usual the “10 minute walk to the beach” became a 45 minute “Where the hell is the beach?” walk. Yes, even with a map. We eventually found where we were going and it IS probably a 10 minute walk if you know where you are going. Surprisingly the water was relatively warm. Sam the “I’ll swim anywhere” member of our party was dressed in his trunks and took some time to enjoy the water. More pictures later. Oh…and in an effort to beat to the punch I’ve included the much sought after “Man-pris” picture.

DSCN2758 DSCN2752


  1. Good thing that man-pris are outlawed here in the states for good reasons. Nice look for you though ...
    Is there any more pictures of the chicken?

  2. Hey there, surfer dude!