He who walks behind the cans

There is a very helpful mysterious garbage helper here in Sweden. I’m supposed to take the garbage out on Monday night but I keep forgetting. However I have a shadowy assistant. The last two weeks someone has taken the garbage out to the curb and brought the can back after. Since it is never dark here they have not had the benefit of the cover of darkness, so they are very good at what they do. I now have a dilemma. Do I try really hard to do this myself or continue to let this person take care of my garbage needs? Do I try to catch them in the act, and if I do what do I say? “Unhand that garbage my kind sir or madam!” Maybe everyone takes turns taking care of the neighborhood garbage cans and it’s my turn soon. Do I leave a note thanking them for their service to the international community? Obviously thinking about this has used up a lot of my time and I need to move on. My neighbor in Florida sometimes would help me out with the garbage when I forgot. Maybe I’ll ask him what to do.

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  1. The government is taking out the garbage. They are sending you a bill thru the international mail system. You will receive a bill for $6000 American in 8 - 12 months. Lucky You ...