Just when I complain about not having something to write about you get one of those chances to write about something you wish didn’t happen. I received a chat this morning from our exchange family in Norway and a link to an online article. Apparently someone is building a home behind them and since the ground there is basically stone they had to use explosives to clear space. Yep…you guessed it, the explosives went wrong. The explosion that was set off sent rocks flying through the neighborhood and amazingly no one was hurt. Stale tells me he had just stopped his daughter Seline from going to the neighbors since he hadn’t heard the alarm he expected to hear saying all was clear. It’s a good thing he held her back. No telling what might have happened. Here is the link and the article. It’s in Norwegian, but you can use google translate (http://translate.google.com/) if you are interested. Link to the article (Norwegian exchange)

All of the pictures are of Stale and the home we lived in.


We are glad they are all ok. I don’t see any pink paint on that garage Ståle!!

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