I think I will just post some randomness today, although if you’ve been reading here long enough you realize that it’s just like everyday lately.

I talked with Dad and have exchanged some e-mails with Mom…things in Orion are ok. Dad isn’t going for a jog every morning, but he never went for a jog before either. Apparently there are plans to travel to Kansas City next weekend or this upcoming weekend. Good preparation for a Florida visit I think.

I’ve discovered the method that non-English people have for dealing with us only-English speakers. This mostly applies to businesses, because most other people just seem to put up with it. Apparently if an English speaking customer comes in and tries to order something in English you are supposed to yell for the person in the place that does speak English and then walk away. This has happened to me a few times. The only problem with this method is that it leaves me wondering if I somehow stumbled on an English phrase that means something else in the other language and I’ve offended this person. Why else would they yell something and walk away from me? It took me a couple of times to figure it out.

The weather here is just now starting to get a little better, approaching the 70’s. This will give us more of a chance to enjoy the area more. I also need to enjoy mowing the lawn here again.

Some family is coming to visit on Saturday. Jen’s sister and her family are arriving on Saturday for a short visit. They are bringing my little niece Allie, we can’t wait. Jen also has a friend who lives in Zimbabwe coming to visit for a day or two. Her friend is visiting London and is swinging by to see us. They have been in touch, but haven’t seen each other in something like 20 years.

We have 5 weeks left on the road. We have some exciting things left on the list, but I think everyone is winding down. I’ve posted to this blog almost every day for 7 months and I feel it in the writing also. Pictures later. Here is one of Dad last weekend. They ran into an old college buddy of mine and his wife sneakily had a camera.


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