Peek a boo, I see you!

It occurs to me that I should share with you a small issue I am having with our current accommodations. First…the good stuff. The house we are using in Sweden is perfectly fine. The home is large and nice. There is a nice backyard and wonderful sun room to have breakfast or lunch on. The problem I have with this place isn’t even a fault of the place itself, but its proximity to the neighbors. If any of you have been to my house you might be asking yourself, “How can he complain about proximity? He has 5 feet on either side of his house in Florida!” Well I’ll tell you why…the proximity issue here is out the front window of the house. There are no shades or curtains here, which seems to be the standard setup, and there is a road / sidewalk combo directly in front of the house. I have never met the guy who lives directly across the way, but I could tell you what he has had for most meals and probably his hat size. I have even traded a wave or two with him as I prepare my morning cereal. He seems nice. I think I prefer the system I have at home where I can smell Joe cooking some steaks, but not necessarily see him do it…no offense Joe.

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