North, South, East, West

Remember the other day when I said I didn’t mind asking for directions and blah, blah, blah? Well coming home from the train station after dropping Jen and Sara off for their trip to Copenhagen I got lost. This is the most lost and frustrated I’ve been in a LONG time. You know how you get on the interstate and basically the sign says I75 to New York or El Paso and you think to yourself…well I’m not going towards El Paso, I must want the New York on-ramp. Well pretend that those two locations were Malmo and Mondal. First…both of those places are the same direction, second neither of them is where I’m going, and third what would be so hard about putting North or South next to things? So this part is troubling as it is, but the next part is even more fun. Have you ever been lost and then drive around repeating your mistakes over and over? I must have hit the same off-ramp at least 3 times thinking I must have missed something the first two times. Did I mention it was raining and that most everything was closed due to the impending holiday here? So at this point the last feeling of getting lost hits me. I made a decision about what way to go, but I could find no evidence that it was the right decision. Do I turn around? Do I keep going? By now the terrain has changed, the signs are even less familiar, and I think the language on the signs might even had changed. I quickly run through my geography and rule out having entered another country. It took me over an hour to make a 15 minute trip. I don’t even really know how I figured out where to go, but Sam was very impressed that I figured out how to get home. If he only knew.

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