Yesterday we finally got the chance to wander the streets of Gothenburg. Prior to yesterday we had only checked out a few blocks, one pub, and not much else. We have fallen into a trap of sorts having been to some very glamorous sites in Europe, so while we enjoy most aspects of Sweden, Gothenburg has had to work very hard to keep up. We did find some very quaint and interesting side streets and parks yesterday, so “the Goth”,as Jen calls it, is improving its status. They do have a very extensive tram and bus system here, so the girls have been moving around the area with ease. One of the main goals to this trip was to demystify the world a little bit for our kids and to make sure they weren’t intimidated by things like language barriers, mass transit, and different cultures. I would have to say that we have succeeded greatly in this area and hopefully their knowledge sticks. By accident I have provided myself with the same benefit, so double win. We are off to explore more of the area, but I will provide some pictures from yesterday. Two to be exact. One of the architecture of Gothenburg and the other is from the “Sam’s Fountain tour – 2009”.

DSCN2982 DSCN2984

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