So 8 years ago…

Not a lot to tell you from Sweden today. We have some events coming up, but I’m a bit at a loss today for information. Sara is trying to wrap up her online school year in time for her friend Grace’s visit. Grace is joining us for two weeks via the Tampa – Atlanta – Copenhagen connection. We are taking the train to Copenhagen on Saturday in time to pick Grace up at the airport on Sunday. The weather has turned on us a bit today and it looks like our beach opportunities are going to be limited for a bit. We did get a chance to take a short tour of the area with the father of our exchange family, Roland. He is very nice and seems to like to keep Sara honest with her Swedish and give her some practice. Yesterday was our 8th wedding anniversary and the picture I’m including shows we really went all out. Sara cooked us a wonderful meal and with full glasses of Diet Coke we still seem to be happy huh? We are having a great time and we are a very good team.



  1. very sweet! u r a great team!!!


  2. The best part is that I hadn't even realized it was our anniversary until about lunch time. What a fun surprise!