I guess I’m due for one of my “observations” posts because I don’t have any new pictures and Dad is doing well in Orion.

I get why things are different here, and by here I’m using Europe as my reference. Customs and cultures are different. No problem. What I don’t get is why certain things exist or are used in either location that aren’t used in the other. Example – Garbage disposals. Why wouldn’t you want to have a garbage disposal? I get tired of fishing the crud out of the sink. None of the homes we’ve lived in have had one. It’s not like it’s a big deal, but I’m weird and wonder about things like that. Peanut butter is another one. I know that certain foods are more popular and more ingrained in cultures and all of that, but again…why wouldn’t you want to eat peanut butter? I’m half joking, but it sure seems that there are some big marketing opportunities available. Here is one I’ve totally forgotten about, but every time it happens to me I think “Man I’ve got to mention that”. Sandwiches. In most of the countries we’ve been people eat sandwiches with a fork and knife. Now correct me if I’m wrong, but the whole reason that sandwiches were invented is so that you could eat them with your hands right? Imagine my surprise when I went to eat that first hamburger way back when and had to fork and knife it. You would be surprised at how this affects the taste of the sandwich. It doesn’t make it taste better let’s put it that way. The Earl would be mad, mad, mad. This isn’t really a rule, but people will look at you funny if you swoop up that burger and eat it like you are supposed to. The Europeans are in for a treat when they go to Disney and some fat slob is chomping on one of those medieval style turkey legs. Actually street food is fair game for eating with your hands. I think next time I get a sandwich I’m just going to wander around and eat it. I have a couple of more I’ll have to save for a slow day. Catch you soon.

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