I’m skipping to the middle of the Copenhagen visit simply to prove that if you miss one naked guy on a bike, it doesn’t necessarily mean that lightning doesn’t strike twice. We wandered down a famous “shopping street” in town, Storgat,  with masses of other people. Since we weren’t really shopping it was a lot easier to navigate the crowd. There were the usual cafes, Burger Kings, and shops mostly catering to women. Once you get far enough you apparently enter the street entertainer area where we encountered an Irish guy singing some familiar songs. Look out for this guy on American Idol. He was really good and drew quite a crowd and quite a guitar case full of money. The interesting part is that he was followed up by a team of two juggler / gymnasts, an unusual combination of a tall Norwegian guy and a short goofy French man. The had a really long routine with a little bit of everything, but they kept telling the crowd that if they stuck around they would be treated to the “Striptease!!” I thought they were joking and after half an hour their routine got a little…routine. We wandered off and down the road a bit but I turned around when their shtick got a little louder and I assumed we had reached the finale. Oh we had reached the finale all right. Off had come their clothes and I had the unfortunate luck to turn and see them doing their final bows. As distasteful as it was I was forced to take a picture. Here is that picture and a few more PG shots.


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