To my amusement

Today we spent a lot of the day at a theme park here in Gothenburg. After living in Tampa for 5 years theme parks have a pretty big hurdle to get over to impress us. We live about 20-30 minutes from Busch Gardens and in Florida if you go there one time, your ticket is good for most of the season. We visited the Liseberg amusement park and we had a good time. We turned the girls loose in the park and to their credit they hit every deadline we gave them for checking in. Sam didn’t care what country we were in, he loves amusement parks. Here is the link to the parks web site, if you are interested. Liseberg

We took a ton of pictures, but most of them are just random shots of us riding rides that could be anywhere in the world. It is a little strange to be in a huge crowd and not hear your own language at all. I do have to say that the Swedish people are very kind to us and very accommodating of our lack of Swedish. This is the first time I’ve found that it is true that EVERYONE speaks English. We even managed to get there and back only getting lost once. I have been cured of the male “I don’t ask for directions” disease. I get lost so often now that it’s like a relief to get out of the car and ask where the hell I am. I was afraid that we were really lost last night when I asked the clerk to direct us to the town we live in and she looked at me like she had never heard of it. Imagine my surprise that is was simply my pronunciation. Here are a few “we had a good day” pictures. Enjoy.

DSCN2891  DSCN2947


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