Transaction reaction

I’ve been complaining the past few days about having very little to say or write and today is not really any different. I considered adding up all the “transaction fees” Wachovia is charging me for ATM and debit card transactions, but that sounded a little too geeky and depressing. I will tell you that if you travel outside of the U.S. make sure you know what you are in for with your bank. Wachovia is getting me for $5.00 per ATM transaction and 2% on top of that for other transactions. I am participating in the banking bailout against my will. About once a month or so I have to call one credit card company or another and have some security restriction removed. I called them all ahead of time and even listed the countries we would be traveling in, but I guess it is good. The hard part is that you typically find out that the credit card has been flagged when you are out to buy milk and bread. The Europeans have a system for their credit cards where they have a chip embedded in them and it requires a PIN validation for all transactions. Probably safer and better to do it that way..I can’t figure out why we don’t have that in the U.S. I’ll add it to the list with ice cubes and roundabouts.

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