It’s good to see some familiar faces and, no offense Jen, talk to some other people. The Wrenn family has joined us for most of a week and we have already been having some fun. As you can see by the picture we spent some time at the beach. Funny thing about this beach. We’ve visited it a bunch of times previously and never had to pay anything. The day we take off with an entourage is the day there is a sign saying you have to pay to get in. I trekked back to the house to retrieve the equivalent of 38 cents per person. I didn’t occur to me until I grabbed the money that I had done this to chase roughly a single dollar. Turns out the toll takers weren’t really a very diligent bunch and had let the group in on the promise of my return. Sam and I played in the “sand” which was fun, but really a good solid stretch of mud with some sand mixed in. After all of that it was off to dinner in Gothenburg. We didn’t get lost, didn’t have to pay to park, and the waiter spoke 172 languages (that’s what he said). All in all it was a great day.

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