I’m loving it

Where do you go? Pretend it’s, say, Christmas and for whatever reason you didn’t know what Christmas was. You didn’t buy milk or bread, don’t have any cereal and the kids are crying and starving. Ok the last part was to build the drama. First rule of visiting a new country…find out the local holidays. Here it is midsommar, the Scandinavian equivalent of a combo 4th of July, Labor day, and a touch of Xmas. I knew it was coming and heard that it was a big deal, but I forgot that “big deal” means “Sorry folks, parks closed”. Where do you go? Then it hit me…McDonalds! Nirvana! Once we arrived at McDonalds I realized that McDonalds was an oasis. They had everything I needed. Food, ice, hamburgers, free bathrooms and the menu was its own common language. I could order a Big Mac and be understood. Coke – understood, McFlurry – check, Happy Meal? No problem. McDonalds here even has this wall of recycling. There are slots and pictures on the wall that show you where to put your various trash components so that they can be easily recycled. I left McDonalds thinking that if I ever run into any problems in another country I’m going to be torn. Do I run to the U.S. Embassy or the golden arches?

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