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This morning was a “Guy event”. Me, John Wrenn, and Sam all took off on an adventure to visit a local castle. Anyone who reads this blog might think that this story would have all the usual elements…”Ooh…I can’t wait to see how lost Jon got this time!” “Haha, Jon can’t speak Swedish, this ought to be good.” Well to heck with all of you. We made it to the castle with very little problems. I won’t say we didn’t get lost, but we didn’t get THAT lost. Ok, sure the tour was almost completely in Swedish and we didn’t understand it. Hey…we went to a castle in another country, what more do you want?

The castle really wasn’t very old in castle years, but interesting and fun nonetheless. Here is a link that gives some history of the castle which is more than I picked up on the guided Swedish version of the tour.

Tjoloholm Castle – Actually the link is horrible. I find very little information about the history of the castle on the web. Tjoloholm is a beautiful Castle witch was built by a Swedish businessman J F Dicksson in the in the beginning of the last century. It is open to public in guided tours but the castle park is public area and always open. You can also take a swim in the ocean right by the castle. Tjoloholm is owned by the Kungsbacka community

We had a good time. The weather was beautiful and the grounds were pretty cool. Here are some pictures.

DSCN3180 DSCN3183


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