2 days in Paris

I will have to stretch this post out for a while as it will encompass so much information I will get lost. Let’s start at the beginning, shall we?

I am a math person. I’m not sure how this happened and I’m sure Mrs. Bielema won’t believe it, but it’s true. I’ll help you follow along. A train leaves Brussels at 10:30. A car leaves Gapinge at 7:30. The trip takes approximately 90 minutes. Will they make it? If you are also a math person you answer, “Of course! How could they not?” If you were travelling with us this weekend you answer is, of course, “NO – Screw the Belgians and their lack of signs!” Armed with a GPS and plenty of time, we didn’t allow for a variable. A bank holiday. For those of you that aren’t versed in the bank holiday, it is a random day off that occurs quite frequently in Europe for little or no real reason. Bottom line is that we missed the train. Once Jen pulled some “I speak French, so I must not be too bad” trick, the guy behind the counter booked us on the next train an hour later.

At this point I will spare you some details and let you know that we arrived in Paris about 90 minutes later, made it to our hotel safely, and set out to see what we could see. We had plans to meet some friends of Jen’s sister for dinner. This is also another story for another time. Here are a couple of pictures of our activity for the first afternoon and some proof that we did, indeed, make it to Paris.

Vosges square - Le Marais region Republique Metro station

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