Want a lick? Psych!

I have a theory. Forget everything you’ve learned about child development and determining how advanced you child may be. It’s all about the ice cream cone. Here are the 5 main development stages for a child as I see them.

  1. Rolling over

  2. Talking

  3. Walking

  4. Potty training and

  5. Being able to navigate an ice cream cone successfully.

Think about it. What happens in the early stages of ice cream cone eating? One of the first and most frequent ice cream cone errors perpetrated by children is the ice cream plops off the cone. They can’t factor in the “everything has an opposite and equal reaction”. If you press your face into one side of the cone, the friggen ice cream is going over the other side. Next is the rotation. Kids just want the ice cream. As long as it appears in front of them that’s good enough. Forget that the ice cream is melting and dripping down the other side of the cone and making their little kid hands all sticky. Last there is the ice cream face. The last step to adulthood, as it applies to ice cream, is being able to keep the ice cream from covering your face. I’ve seen kids who have mastered the first steps, but you can walk up to them, take a look, and tell what flavor and how long ago they had a cone. Not cool.

We are almost there.


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