When LEGOS fly

When you can’t toboggan down an Olympic ski run….when you can’t ride the double decker bus through London…and if you can’t get your parents to bicycle you through the streets of Middelburg, what do you do?

One word….LEGOS!

We have all had our various Lego sessions on this trip, but none seemed worth writing about until Sam told me “Thanks for building me an airplane, you’re the best DAD!” I think I’ve heard him say the same thing to his mom for building him various things, and I think Jen even posted about some Lego activity over at www.homeroamers.com, but you should never pass up a chance to write down the date and the time you hear those words. I’m going to use this blog entry to haunt the poor kid when he’s 15 and I won’t let him do something. Inevitably I will be the worst dad ever, but for now…I’m flying high.

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