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You can let me know if you think the sign posts are dumb. Sometimes I just put things here to amuse myself, so it would probably be in vain. Here are a couple from Germany.

    This one kills me. I think there is a certain order of expertise you want in any business that comes to your house to work on anything. Here are the choices:

    • Johnson and Sons – this conveys a long history of service passed on through the generations. Mr. Johnson even took the time to teach more than one son huh? Nice.

    • Carroll Family Furniture – Nice family business. Add the “Est. 1859” and you’ve got yourself a winner

        Or you could pick this guy out of the yellow pages.

      DSCN2716You better hope that Romer Bau shows up also and doesn’t just send the Putz.

      Here is one that is either chastising you for not being healthy, or maybe it is just talking about the woman in the picture. I guess it’s probably ok to be a wellness schmuck.

      DSCN2728This last one is for my mom. This isn’t a vanity plate. The plates in Germany, I think, are coded by region and number. I guess you’re just lucky in this case if you have the correct name.


      Nice car mom.


      1. Hey, John - peeking in to your travels after work, and dang, you pressed my "know it all" button, so I though I'd edify you with my astounding rusty knowledge of German...

        The truck reads "Roman construction and cleaning" - they don't specify if they only clean Ancient Romans, or if they've branched out to Italians in general.

        The Wellness sign is for wellness jewelry, that looks like it works with REAL MAGNETS to make you, um, well. (yep, if you've got a product with dubious health claims, make sure you throw in a bit of English in there to make it sound scientific...)

        The license plate is actually not too surprising, as, in fact, every woman over 56 in Germany is actually named Wilma. When I was there, there were rumors of an "UCK" code given to a few lucky drivers in Frankfurt...

        Glad to be of service -

      2. Ahhh....knowledge is power. Now none of the schmucks are safe!