Orion Gazette – hope they don’t mind

For those of you who rely on this blog as an update on my dad I will not disappoint. I talked with both of them last night and 99% of things seem to be fine. My mother is dealing with the nightmare of insurance agencies and co-pays and even words relating to insurance I have no idea what they mean. Donut holes? Either she’s opening up a Dunkin Donuts franchise to pay for his medicine or I’m out of the loop. Dad himself seems fine. We are sill waiting for the chemo free rotation to roll around where his body doesn’t get hit with the offending chemicals. This upcoming Wednesday will be two weeks and 1 day after the last chemo round. It’s my theory that this is when the healing starts. Hope along with me. More from Sweden later. I have a couple of my funny sign pictures that I’ve been saving.

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