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Well it’s almost time to pack the backpacks again. We did manage to drop our winter clothes on Grandma on her way out of town. She brought the super sized luggage so we could send the stuff back with her. We’ll see how much weight and bulk we lose. I’m going to take a picture of the packs on our way out this time, especially my 3 bags….mine, laptop bag, and Sam’s.

We also have to figure out our travel strategy for the next few hops. There’s nothing I have hated worse on this trip than looking at tickets and computer generated itineraries for information. Since there are 4 of us there is always 4 people worth of information, 50 different travelling tips, all the luggage rules, you know the drill. I just want a line by line way of seeing our flight, time, destination, reservation number. To illustrate my point…think how this next round of travel would look.

Middelburg to Rotterdam to catch a currently unknown Norwegian cruise lines ship.

Rotterdam to Guernsey

Guernsey to Le Havre

Le Havre to Southampton (England)

Southampton to Madrid

Madrid to Barcelona

Barcelona back to Madrid

Madrid to someplace in Germany

Germany to Sweden

All of the above is going to happen in a 7 day time frame and it’s likely that I forgot something in between. We’ll see how many blog posts I fit in there. More soon. I hope to check in with Orion today at some point. Check back later.

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