Paris – The Return

We are back from Paris and as expected there are many stories to tell. We had a great time and a great Mother’s day. I owe my mom a big Mother’s day now since she didn’t join us in Paris. I will make it up to her. She is a great mom. It must be true if I typed it here. Love you mom.

Thanks Shane for throwing a story or two in here to keep it lively. I have to scream PHOTOSHOP to my people though. Some of them haven’t seen me in a while and they might think that is actually me. I will have proof tomorrow….although I haven’t looked at the pictures very closely, I might actually look like that. Nice job ShaneCal.

More soon everyone. Larry is still doing well in Orion, no news. Ron Farwell is being looked after in Iowa and being treated. I’ve decided that all that means is that he is getting better and that’s good enough for me.

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