An Army of Two...

While Jon is in Paris hopefully having the time of his life, my better half and I are continuing our weekend war. A battle front spanning our back yard to Home Depot.

We're new homeowners, so needless to say we're pinching our pennies pretty tight. I wouldn't necessarily qualify myself as 'handy', but I know how to bang a hammer.

Our choice was: have a contractor build a shed smaller than we needed for nearly $3000, or attempt it ourselves for half the cost. We chose the latter. Pictured is the result thus far.

Tomorrow-the roof.

(The cockeyed window was an aesthetic choice by the architect to exemplify rural contemporary surrealism, a bold new frontier of outsider art.)

Then, we took our dog for a walk, and as you can see from the picture we later needed to give him a bath. Why do they do this?

Finally, I got to take a few casts right as the sun was setting. I long to fish everyday, through months and months of cold gray, unending monotony. I always feel peaceful when surrounded by nature. Its a welcomed departure from the 2,000 hours spent annually contained to my cubicle. It was amazing, paradisaical even.
I caught a big bass(and later four more!), my first of the year actually. Of course I photo- documented this one, no Photoshop fish stories here. I can liken this experience to only absolute elation, unmitigated jubilation-like seeing the Eiffel tower for the first time. Well, maybe not.
Its not Paris, but stay tuned, we'll be reading those together soon.

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