Hasselhoff would be proud

Today we are spending a single day in Germany as a layover adventure on our way to our final home exchange in Sweden. We arrived in a small airport outside of Frankfurt and took a limo to a small town nearby. Oh wait…it wasn’t a limo, it was just a cab with limo pricing. The price was well worth it as we arrived in a lush valley overlooking the Mosel river. Funny thing is that they also tucked a small town in this alley also. I’ve only spent a few hours here and definitely have to remember where this is….it’s very quaint. Heck…you guys remember it for me. Traben, Germany. We had yet another quiet meal at a small pub tucked in an alley and funnier yet I place the meal on the top ten list for the trip. Who knew? The highlight of the night was responding to screaming and crying from Sam, who had disappeared around the corner to play near a fountain he had discovered. Of course he had fallen into the fountain. I hope he scooped up enough coins to make it worthwhile. I have at least one picture of the offending fountain…pre Sam swim.

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