Substitute Blogger

Pictured left is Jon is cradling a baguette and what appears to be a box of cheese that is a pungent olfactory nightmare (not pictured: 10 Liter cask of Merlot). He's off to feast and nap, between a fog of haughty guffaws and with a socially acceptable aversion to hygiene...or at least this is my understanding, having derived the bulk of my knowledge of French culture from Pepe Le Pew cartoons.

Meanwhile, back in the states....I've accepted the task of keeping Jon's blog followers entertained while he steals away to gay Paris with his kin. The height of my daily excitement rarely transcends reading this same blog, vicariously marveling over Jon's escapades abroad, and chuckling mildly with amusement as he fumbles through the sometimes excruciating minutia of everyday logistics, technology, and patriarchal needless to say that I will be hard pressed to match his posts with interesting content-but I will try.


  1. Can't say much for the picture, quite a hat.
    Good luck ShaneCal Jon's mother

  2. I am frightened by this photograph but for some reason I am craving fresh bread and a glass of wine.