Trying to make a living and doing the best I can…

This is going to sound silly, but it’s vacation time. I think that a lot of people following this adventure we are on, think we are on one big vacation. In a sense we are, but in a lot of ways we aren’t. I put in my 40+ hours a week tackling the everyday problems of call center math. Sara logs a bunch of time trying to finish the eighth grade, and Jen runs the show….which is more daunting than anything I do. I’m REALLY looking forward to being on the cruise ship for a few days. It was really cheap and an easy way to get from A to S. As "at home” as we feel here and in Norway, there is always a nagging feeling in the back of your brain that says “Don’t break anything” “Be very careful”. It’s not like you don’t do these things in a hotel or cruise ship, but if you break something you don’t have a personal connection to Norwegian Cruise lines. Anyhow…I think I’ll be able to update the blog as we travel this week. I’ll make an effort. Here is the plan.



  1. The title of today's entry are some of the lyrics from my all time favorite song .... Any guesses on the song ?

    Mike Locander

  2. I'd guess, but I made the title, so I guess that's cheating.