Last day of chemo!! – Send messages!

Welcome to Larry day. I’m going to dedicate this last day of chemo treatment to him, a celebration of his end to treatment and a beginning of getting better. I think I’m obligated to mention, again, that is is also Sam’s birthday and he is happy that it is shared with the above. I asked Sam what day it is today, thinking that he knows it is his birthday and telling us he is going to be 5 today…he said “It’s last day of chemo day!!” That’s pretty cool.

Here are my collection of wishes / comments so far from friends, family, and strangely….just some people. I’ll explain that one later. Most of these are from my facebook account, but I will update this post all day long with new stuff as it comes in. To add your comments / wishes / thoughts to this page, just e-mail me at

My initial entry on facebook:

Jon Carroll is happy his dad only has ONE more chemo treatment left. Go Larry! Love Jon

Wendy Rogers Worley  I am happy for that too! Go Uncle Larry!!!

John Longo  Good thoughts for Larry - (friend of mine from college – fraternity brother who remembers my dad)

Jay Parrott  Jon, my thoughts are with you and your family. (another fraternity brother who met my dad)

Beth Wrenn YAY! We love Larry!!!!

Paris K. Krupnik  Hope he is OK Jon! Been there, done that. 21 year Cancer survivor. (old casino friend)

Dear Dad C.,

Gratulerer med dagen!  This is Norwegian for Happy Birthday on Sam's 5th and your 1st birthday.  It's been a long and difficult past year, filled with the frightening unknown and many tough days, but new and healthy year begins!  Today, when you leave that final chemo treatment, hold your head high and yell out "CHEMO SCHMEMO!" Sure, you'll scare the hell out of everyone, but that's part of the fun, isn't it? Just kidding. The fun part is that chemo is finished and you can concentrate on beating this thing. That's the plan - adios, sayonara, see you later, alligator. So anyway, I am so proud of you for getting through this rough time, and am looking forward to celebrating next year's birthday...did you say we're going to run a marathon???

With much love,


Tell your dad congratulations from all of us in the Farwell clan!
Ed Farwell

Pat and Leo  So happy this day is here. Go do things and enjoy yourself. Come to Kc and see everyone here. Love Pat & Leo

We are Jim & Gloria Howley friends of Larry &  Wilma from our USMC days in Albany, Georgia.  Please tell your parents Congrats on the final treatment, Semper Fi, never give up, keep up the good fight and our prayers are with you & your family.  (Go Red Wings!)

Marc Carlson  - Way to go Larry, keep up the good fight!

The Godfrey Carrolls say “Happy Day” to Larry and Sam. We will be to Orion soon to celebrate this wonderful day. So, be looking forward to the carrot cake and ice cream. We are so proud of you!!

Larry, Wilma, Jon, Jen, and all the other Carroll crew. It is great to be writing a letter to say:“ Way to go Larry and family for fighting this together and supporting each other !! “ I am eagerly awaiting a planned Locander invasion at the Carroll household in Orion where we can sit back eat some food, and make fun of Jon and his exploits over seas. I really have enjoyed the updates of the life as a homeroamer and sometimes laughed a little while reading the daily entry. I never lost sight of the true inspiration for this blog which was to support a good friend and respected family during a tough battle. Keep us all informed on any updates. The Locanders will be in Orion soon with hungry appetites, and visions of the 2009 Chicago Cubs dream season.

See you soon …Mike

Just wanted to send our best wishes to Larry and Wilma and all of their families.  We are so glad that Larry is doing well and finally done with the Chemo.  We know it can be really rough on Larry, but also the family.  Great job is getting everyone through this.  We are looking forward to seeing Larry and Wilma in Gulf Shores.
Your buddy's from Michigan and LA (lower Alabama) .
Al and Pam Mason

Some pictures to commemorate the day….Most of them have both Sam and Dad. Those are the ones I can get from Holland. Send more if you want them posted!

Benjamin Cards

DadSam2 Helper

4 Bday MomDad


  1. So happy this day is here. Go do things and enjoy yourself. Come to Kc and see everyone here. Love Pat & Leo

  2. Congratulations and yay!!! Thanks for having such a great son to join our family!! Linda and Bill