Eiffel, Eiffel everywhere

Sam has a gift…well actually he has many gifts. For some reason people seem compelled to give Sam things. I know he is a cute kid, but c’mon. Sara bought Sam a little Eiffel tower souvenir at the base of the actual Eiffel tower They were being sold by vendors that would get run off about once an hour by the Paris police. Apparently it isn’t quite legal to sell these little trinkets. As we were leaving the tower one of the police officers stopped us…I thought, uh oh..what obscure Parisian law did  break? Was it the socks with the sandals? Was I too polite? Did I forget to cut the line? No…he walked back over with a handful of confiscated souvenir Eiffel tower trinkets and dumped them into Sam’s outstretched hands. Sam was amazed! We all were amazed! An outpouring of international friendship from the French police of all people. Now that story is funny / interesting enough except that when we hit the port in Le Havre we were browsing the post cards and other junk when the owner called Sam over…oh boy, here we go again. What did he hand him? Of course….the same Eiffel tower trinket we already had a suitcase full of. Sam, being the ever enigmatic child, decided that he was going to award this Eiffel tower to the “Employee of the month” on the cruise ship. This also makes for a fun story for later. I think I’ll take Sam for a walk in front of the bank…maybe they will hand him some gifts from the vault.

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